Auló Theatre (Italy)

Auló Theatre (Italy)

How did you begin– as an individual/as a group?

The group was born in 2011 inside MetaArte associazione Arte&Cultura, an italian NGO which is dealing with social theatre and third theatre since 2003. Auló teatro was created to have a specific focus on professional artistic training and theatre/performance production, following the steps of the giants of Third Theatre.

Who gave you the first impulse, the necessity to do theatre?

The reasons are a little different for each member, but I would say that there was a self-reinforcing relationship between what we learnt from Third Theatre masters and the more that we discover through our own practice. It’s an interior navigation, a trip that gets its strenght from the process itself. Coming from different backgrounds, theatre gave us a common field to put together knowledge and sensibilities.

Who would you identify as your master(s)?


Grotowski, Barba, Varley, Nin Scolari, and many others. Together with ourselves and the participants at our workshops.

Why does theatre continue to be an imperative for you?

Because there are stories to be told, because of its intimacy, because of the strong belief that it could change the way people think, because it’s a personal growing path, because it’s so good.