Teatro a Canone (Italy)

Teatro a Canone (Italy)

LUCA VONELLA – Artistic Director


Teatro a Canone originated in the Scuola Ambulante di Teatro, a pedagogical project developed by director Simone Capula in 2004, involving seven young students, coming from different towns of Italy. Teatro a Canone was founded in 2008 in a monastery in Trento. It is located in Chivasso, near Turin. From 2011 Teatro a Canone has been directed by Luca Vonella, who is also an actor in the group. Other actors and collaborators include Anna Fantozzi, Elisa Occhini, Laura Prono. It is a professional group, working every day, searching for a balance between research and performance.

Teatro a Canone received an initial impulse from the cultural environment of the University where most of the members came from. The first director, Simone Capula, led workshops in collaboration with different scholars of Theatre Anthropolgy. At a later point, the young actors Luca Vonella and Lorenza Ludovico decided to transform their vocation into a profession, so they went to live in Chivasso, where the municipality granted them a space with a working room and a small office.

Teatro a Canone has practical and theorical teachers and masters. Simone Capula led the first group of actors, working on training based on physical actions in relation to music. From the beginning the groupe studied Indian traditional dances with the actors of Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo, Beppe Chiercichetti and Alessandro Rigoletti; Kathakali with Luigia Calcaterra and Tiziana Barbiero and Orissi dance. Lucas Vonella participated in the 2016 ISTA session of Albino (Italy) directed by Eugenio Barba and the actors of Odin Teatret. Teatro a Canone started in 2015 to learn voice tecniques with Naira Gonzalez. Teatro a Canone has a costant and continous dialogue with some theorical masters, including Mirella Schino, Fedinando Taviani and Franco Ruffini (specialists in Theatre Antropology).

We see our theatre as a tool that allows us to flourish; supporting a way of life and an ideal of work based on horizontal organization; a creative and cultural work. Through the work we aim to create a true relationship with people. We try to transform our existential lack and angst into something different that opens us to the community and society as a whole.


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