COSmino Theatre (UK/Poland/Germany)

COSmino (UK/Poland/Germany)

RACHEL KARAFISTAN – Co-Artistic Director

I began as a theatre maker at the age of 11. My teacher Carran Waterfield had been trained by Roberta Carreri of Odin Teatret. I had never been so excited about anything. This was now in my blood. This ‘way’ was my way. Theatre slowly became my life. I needed to do it all the time and I travelled the four corners of the globe to try to understand it.

On my journey (which is of course not over) I have met with many masters. Odin Teatret taught me about tenacity, about transformation, about transcendence. Derevo have always moved me to tears with their visceral, urgent and liminal play. Kathryn Hunter has inspired me with her effortless shape-shifting ability and Frankie Armstrong for her life-long crusade to give people their voices back and to lead the world to song. Theatre has never been more essential to me than now. I still need to do it all the time although it’s not always possible.

Theatre is our mirror and our conduit.